Became a sponsor

Become a Sponsor

A Child Sponsor is a person or group who contributes from $40 per month or more to help take care of a child. Your monthly contribution will make a difference in the life of a child by:

  • -Provide the child with two healthy meals a day while in
    school Ensure that the child will have access to regular
    schooling Give the child hope, love, the comfort of knowing Christ.

  • -Clothing appropriate for weather conditions including school uniforms
    Primary medical care

  • -The mentorship of a caring adult. Education, n a local school.
    Opportunities for recreational and enrichment activities beyond school

Sponsors will receive

Each sponsor will receive a quarterly report on the child and also get a thank you letter and a photo from the child sponsored by him/her. We also encourage the sponsors to visit the child whenever they are able to so that they can connect with the child they are sponsoring.This helps the sponsor to know that you are making a difference in the life of your child!

How do you become a Child Sponsor?

Scroll down to the photographs below and under each is a link to the on-line support form. The form has fields which allows you to fill and you can fill in the section of support you want to offer support them, who to support and when.